Our Pasta

Our pasta is made fresh in-house everyday, using the best quality flour.

Hand crafted pasta
Pasta is a big deal to us. We make most of ours by hand, at least twice a day in each restaurant. Over time, our guests have asked us how to make the best pasta, as well as for our favourite recipes. This is why we started our monthly pasta masterclasses.

Flour and eggs are key. For our handmade pasta we use the best ‘00’ Gran Mugnaio pasta flour available. Our eggs are also specially sourced from Fluffets Farm in the New Forest. There are more than 300 shapes of pasta, and the stories behind them show a fascinating history.

If you would like to learn more about perfecting your own pasta, please feel free to join one of our masterclasses by booking below.
Pasta is at the heart of Italian cuisine, and is equally important to the Cafe Murano menus. Our chefs are eager to use the best seasonal produce, so our menus change frequently, but always feature our signature pasta dishes.

Alongside our main menu, we also run a monthly changing menu del giorno, which focuses on specialities from different regions.
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In our masterclasses, we'll teach you how to make fresh egg pasta from scratch, in a variety of shapes. At the end of the workshop, your pasta will be packaged up for you to enjoy at home, along with a fresh tomato sauce.

We also stock many of the ingredients used in the Cafe Murano kitchens, including those specially sourced eggs.

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