Regions of Italy

Find out more about the regions of Italy which inspire our menu.

Italian food is bold and satisfying without being heavy. It’s rich and textural and uses a whole palette of flavours. From this amazing country we are inspired to create fresh, seasonal and delicious dishes.

Regional focus of the month:

Veneto is a region of dramatic differences. It starts high up in the mountains on the Austrian border then rolls down towards the Adriatic Sea to the capital city of Venezia.
It’s a region that plays a big part in our kitchens.

Unlike much of Italy pasta is not the staple with rice and polenta being ever popular.
In Venezia itself the dish of Risi e bisi sits somewhere between a risotto and a soup, made from rice, peas and pancetta.

Treviso is perhaps most famous as the home of Prosecco but at this time of year we look forward to the Tardivo radicchio a bitter chicory ideal for salads.

An ever present dessert on the Cafe Murano menu is reputed to originate in Veneto. Made with strong coffee, mascarpone cream and sponge, it’s called ‘pick me up’, which in Italian translates to tiramisu.
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