Suppliers, sustainability & provenance

From farm, sea, or field, each producer we work with is a part of the Cafe Murano family. Offering the very best ingredients, book a table with us and try them for yourself.

Lake District Farmers
Lake District Farmers was formed by a group of farmers who encountered difficulties while farming solo. Deciding to collaborate and bring their strengths together, they created a successful & sustainable community that provides high quality meat every time. Each farmer knows that animal welfare is paramount to ensuring a quality final product.
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Flying Fish
Flying Fish prioritise getting the very best of western coastlines have to offer. With the ability to trace any fish back to the boat it came from, and a keen knowledge of the waters they work in, they ensure that we only offer the most “in season” fish.
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Flying fish Supplier
La Sovrana
La Sovrana is a family run business with Alfonso and his father, Salvatore running the English side of the business at New Covent Garden Market and brother, Pierpaolo, running the Italian side from a farm based in Battipaglia, Italy. They are devoted to supply the most fresh and unique Italian produce from the Italian farm alongside other farms based in Italy. Seasonality is the main focus, ensuring that the products in season are always available at the perfect moment.
Ham and Cheese Co.
Ham and Cheese Co. understand that to have the very best flavour, they must ensure the producers and pig rearers are carefully sourced. For example, farmer Massimo Corra of Coppa has his pigs specially reared for him, with specific requirements, and lots of open space.
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Our sustainability policy

Cafe Murano has clear policies designed to minimise the impact of our daily operations. In terms of recycling, we are promoting and practice recycling across all operations by making full use of the recycling schemes, as well as taking other waste to dedicated recycling facilities when possible. Food waste is separated at all sites along with packaging and glass.

Paper reduction
We are always looking for ways to minimise paper usage and reduction as much as possible. All communication and record-keeping is digital, and our contacts are now digital. Our company’s aim is to move towards a paperless office environment.

Carbon footprint
We are aware of our carbon footprint, and we are constantly looking for new ways to minimise as much as possible the environmental impact of our business.
We change our menus seasonally, working with local suppliers to reduce the need to have the raw material flown or sailed long distances.
We minimise the use of glass bottles by offering filtered water in the restaurants served in recyclable bottles.
Wherever we can, we adopt eco-friendly practices throughout various areas of our business, ensuring our energy waste is as limited as possible.
We recently partnered with The Regent Street & St James’s Food Waste Pledge and signed up to achieve a collective 25% reduction in food waste.
Our restaurants have all converted to low energy LED lighting.